You don't need to be an expert to fly a satellite

VALAR offers the first operator-less environment to manage your satellite flight dynamics. Orbits and maneuvers have never been so easy.

Drawing of an astronaut controling a satellite
— Services

A one-stop shop for flight dynamics services.

Maneuver Plans

Based on customer goals, orbit transfers and station-keeping maneuvers are recurrently planned for optimal efficiency.

Tracking and Orbit Determination

Using multi-source tracking data, the service provides high-quality ephemerides.

Safety of Flight

Conjunctions are continuously monitored and collision avoidance maneuvers are planned, if necessary.


Our North Star:

Operator-less workflows.

Built for automation, flight dynamics products are delivered ready for consumption, allowing operator-less workflows.

API integrations.

Integrate our REST API with any mission planning and operations tool for seamless execution.


Our solution is natively built on the cloud, removing the need for licenses and maintenance and avoiding service downtime.

Complete lifecycle.

From mission design to satellite disposal, our solution manages the entire lifecycle of your space asset.

— Manifesto —

SPACE is not an industry; it is a medium where more and more industries operate every day.

Just like the internet did, we believe space is going to become the backbone of new businesses and industries in the coming years.
However, operating infrastructure in space is a scarce capability outside traditional space operators, requiring expensive tools and trained experts.

But it does not have to be that way.

At VALAR, we believe spacecraft operations should be robust, safe, automated, sustainable… and ultimately operator-less.

We want to allow any industry to delegate the operation of their assets and benefit from the exploitation of space infrastructure from day one.

Our mission at VALAR is to bring operational capabilities to space infrastructure owners, and our journey there starts with solving for flight dynamics.

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